Continuing their pursuit towards excellence in waterproof connection systems, Techno s.r.l. has recently launched the TH381 micronnect connector. The TH381 connector is the ultimate miniaturisation feat in waterproof plug & socket connector range, even smaller than the previous winner TH387. As compared to the outer diameter of 23mm of TH387, the slimmer TH381 sports an outer diameter of 14mm.


And being IP68 is only one of the features of this 2-pole connector:

Maximising Value:

The small package comes with a big value since it can provide for a cable of diameter of 7.0mm. Which makes it perfectly suitable for covering longer distances in outdoor projects like fountain lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, & any critical applications where high protection rating of the connections is important.

Maximising Safety:

With a choice between two locking systems, you can simply fix and forget. The safe-lock system is a permanent locking that can only be released with the help of a tool. You can also opt for a manual release design, which comes with a simple push mechanism to unmate the connection.

Technical Info:

  • Series: TH381
  • 2 poles
  • IP68
  • Wire-section: 0.25mm2 to 1.00mm2
  • 10A 400V
  • Outer cable diameter: 5.0 mm to 7.0 mm (accessories for smaller cables available)
  • Screw connection
  • PA66 GF UL94 VO (GWT 960)
  • Halogen free – Silicone free.

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Maximising reliability:

The gaskets are co-moulded to the contact block thus preventing leakage & therefore installation errors. Finally, the anti-rotation system makes sure that the connector does not unscrew unexpectedly.

With the TH381 micronnect connector, Techno does not only have the smallest IP68 plug & socket screw connector. It further maximises value, safety & reliability.

As with the TH387, the TH381 is also available as a panel mounted version.