Waterproof Glands

The TEEGLAND family gropus innovative cable glands having high level of protection (IP68 at 5bar). These products are available in different versions: M16(PG9), M20 and M25.
All of the TEEGLAND are VDE logo approved and manufactured with high quality raw materials (PA66 V2 UL94).
The TEEBOND range fully complies with RoHS regulations.

Carefully designed

  • The gasket is co-moulded with the cable gland with a perfect mechanical and chemical adhesion onto the body to guarantee a valid protection from atmospheric agents (water and dust)
  • Thanks to this technology, the rubber is not more necessary and will not be removed accidentally during cable inserting and the product will be really realiable and safe

Quick installation

  • With TEEGLAND it is not necessary to use the rubber seal on the cable like it happens for standard cable glands. The co-moulded gasket improves the safe locking on the cable and guarantees total protection
  • Moreover, the TEEGLAND cable gland do not require any additional rubber gasket on the thread. The rubber gasket is also co-moulded near the thread and works as a protection when the cable gland is fixed onto a panel

Maximum versatility

  • Time savings of wiring and high level protection make TEEGLAND suitable for applications in all major industry sectors, especially when high level of protection is required (up to IP68 at 5bar)

  • The TEEGLAND cable glands are available in different colours on customer demand

  • The TEEGLAND cable glands also allow the installation of cable guides for particular application

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