Techno TeeBOX Waterproof Junction Boxes

Reliable waterproof junction boxes for critical applications

The TEEBOX family groups a series of terminal blocks and protected boxes (up to IP68 at 5m) of small and medium dimensions where can be inserted either standard or TEEBLOCK terminal blocks.
The TEEBOX range is available in different versions with different technical features and IP grade: 2 ways extra-flat protected terminal block with or without cable clamps and 1, 2, 3 and 4 ways protected boxes with high IP grade.
All of the TEEBOX are manufactured with high quality raw materials (PA66 V2 UL94).
The TEEBOX range fully complies with RoHS logo regulations.

Modular solutions

  • TEEBOX installs terminal blocks from the TEEBLOCK family and other standard terminal blocks.
  • The product versatility allows the customer to use it in various applications: with terminal blocks, electronic circuits, corrugated conduits and other applications.

Carefully designed

  • The SEBS gasket is co-moulded with a perfect mechanical and chemical adhesion onto the cover of the box to guarantee a valid protection from atmospheric agents (water and dust).
  • Knurled clips improve safety locking onto the cable and avoid accidental seal removal.
  • The base and the cover are co-moulded through a high mechanical resistance hinge.

Maximum versatility

  • Incorporated cable glands guarantee the perfect isolation of the product and safe locking of the installed cable.
  • Seals are available in different versions to guarantee a safe closure and adherence to the different type of cables commercially available.
  • For soft cables (silicon or rubber) or small section cables, the adaptors are available to improve the rubber seal compression on the cable.

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