Techno TeeBOX Current Distributors

The integration of TEEBOX and TEEPLUG products generates a series of Current Distributors with high IP grade & (up to IP68 at 5m).

These products have been designed to facilitate the connecting and disconnecting of electronic installations or other applications. The TEEBOX Current Distributors range is available in different versions with different technical features and IP grade 3 ways and 4 ways pre-wired current distributors and custom made 4 ways current distributors according to customer needs.

These products are supplied with inner plug-socket connections available in different versions: 2, 3, 5 and 6 poles. The TEEBOX Current Distributors solutions have the same high quality and distinctive features than the TEEBOX and TEEPLUG solutions. All of the TEEBOX Current Distributors are manufactured with high quality raw materials (PA66 V2 UL94).
The TEEBOX Current Distributors range fully complies with RoHS logo regulations.

Quick installation

  • The internals are already pre-wired in the TEEBOX box and TEEPLUG plug-socket connections.
  • Easy to use. The user has only to wire cables with plug-socket connections and the distributor is ready to be used.

Modular solutions

  • Based on the TEEPLUG plug-socket connection type and the specific application (IP grade required), the distributor is available in three versions.
  • The inner connection components can not be removed or disassembled for safety reasons.

Protective Closure Caps

  • The protective closure cap has been designed to protect the connection when disconnected and let the installer work safety (IP68)
  • The cap is also supplied with a black silicon belt that keeps the cap avoiding it to be lost

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