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Innovator of waterproof connectors

Techno s r l is a forerunner in designing innovative solutions in the waterproof electrical connectors sector. We are their partners in India because we share a common vision: To ensure safety and trustworthiness in the electrical connectors sector.

Made in Italy

With a 4,200 sq m. manufacturing unit at Guanzate (Como, Italy), the company has total control of the manufacturing processes and thus guarantees effective waterproof connector solutions.

Pioneer in Innovation

In 1992, due to its creative and innovative efforts, Techno became the first Italian company to obtain ISO 9002 (UNI ES ISO 9000) certification for the injection moulding of plastic sectors. And later obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

30 years of passion for Innovation

With the spirit for delivering high performance solutions to it’s customers, Techno has always been able to renew their machinery and tools with important investments in technology and human resources making for a team of experts and open to innovation and change.

State of the art manufacturing

To offer just in time service to the customers’ orders, the Kan-Ban system controls the manufacturing division and the warehouses. 23 injection moulding machines from 35 to 200 ton with bi-material injection moulding technology guarantee a manufacturing capacity adequate to market requirements.

Innovative tool making division for moulds

Moulds are designed and constructed with high quality standards with highly advanced machinery and injection moulding processes operated by highly qualifed personnel in tooling moulds.

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Product Range

TeeTUBE Connectors

IP68 rated tube connectors available in I, L, T, Y types.

TeePLUG Connectors

Waterproof plug and socket type connectors with IP68 rating.

TeeBOX Junction Boxes

Waterproof junction boxes which are available in IP68 rating.

Current Distributors

IP68 rated prewired junction boxes with plug and socket attachments.

Waterproof Glands

An innovative range of IP68 rated glands by Techno.